VDSEE Seminar Series

550001 SE Seminar in Ecology and Evolution I (2022W)


550004 SE Seminar in Ecology and Evolution II (2022S)


550001 SE Seminar in Ecology and Evolution I (2021W)

  • 11.10.2021  –  Pierre Legendre, University of Montreal (Ecological mathematics)
  • 25.10.2021  –  Jean-Pierre De Vera, German Aerospace Center (Astrobiology)
  • 08.11.2021  –  Sabine Gollner, Royal Netherlands Inst. for Sea Research (Marine biology)
  • 22.11.2021  –  Laura Hug, University of Waterloo (Microbial metagenomics)
  • 06.12.2021  –  Oleg Simakov, University of Vienna (Genome architecture evolution)
  • 10.01.2022  –  Joana Meier, University of Cambridge (Speciation genomics)
  • 24.01.2022  –  Silvia Bulgheresi, University of Vienna (Environmental cell biology)
  • 12.01.2022  –   Bonus seminar: Paulo Horta, Federal University of Santa Catarina (Marine forests in times of global changes), online talk via Zoom

The seminar series were held online and got live streamed in the lecture hall HS-1 at UBB, that provided some opportunity for students to meet.
Organised by VDSEE student representatives, Clara Groot Crego, Michael Glaser, Johannes Herpell and Teresa Winter