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With the acceptance letter of the VDSEE office, the PhD candidate will receive the invitation, the confirmation of the supervisor of the PhD thesis project and the guidelines to enroll to the doctoral studies at the University of Vienna (i.e., apply for Zulassung/admission). At the same time the procedures for employment will be started. After enrollment to the PhD study at the University of Vienna, the PhD students will receive detailed instructions about the structure of the VDSEE and its reporting requirements (exposé, public presentation, annual report, etc.). The main contact point is the VDSEE Executive Manager, Isolde Prommer.

  1. Admission to the Doctoral/PhD programme
  2. Tuition fee
  3. International doctoral candidates
  4. Your obligations with VDSEE and the PhD/doctoral curriculum of the University of Vienna
  5. Welcome Guide

(This list makes no claim to completenes)

1. Admission to the Doctoral/PhD programme

After you have accepted the offer to work on a specific project within the VDSEE research group, you have to get admitted to the doctoral program at the University of Vienna. Application takes place online via u:space and is possible throughout the year. Please note that you have to renew your enrollment every semester.

To be VDSEE member you can enrol to fields of Doctoral Research as follows

Information on admission and contact

2. Tuition fee

  • As long as you study at the University of Vienna, you have to pay the Students' Union fee and possibly the tuition fee every semester in due time.
  • The amount of the tuition fee varies depending on your citizenship. If you are an EU/EEA/CH citizen, it also depends on how long you have already been studying.
  • Detailed information at the Hompage of the Teaching Affairs and Study Services Unit.

3. International doctoral candidates

Moving to a new city and country and findig your way around a new university can be very challenging, especially in the beginning. Finding a place to live, taking care of insurance and a residence permit, or finding a suitable German language course are just a few of the things that need taking care of. You can find here information on some of these topic and particularly in the Welcome Guide for prae- & postdoctoral employees (EU & international) (currently under review), such as:

  • Entry and Residence
  • Insurance
  • Working
  • Living


  • The 'Liaison Officers' are the first contact persons for academic staff (prae- and postdocs) from third countries to take a foothold in Vienna. This applies i.a. for initial information about visa and residence permit (also with regard to family members). The Liaison Officers of the Faculty of Life Sciences: Ms. Susanne Menschik-Zunzer
  • Further contact point at Human Resources Department on topics of immigration law:
  • Doctoral candidates not being employed by the University of Vienna (e.g. fellowship holders) we ask to visit for information on immigration the Hompage of OeAD, Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation.

4. Your obligations with VDSEE and the PhD/doctoral curriculum of the University of Vienna

The curriculum provides information on the qualification profile, the requirements for admission, the structure of the doctorate and the number of ECTS credits which doctoral/PhD candidates have to earn during their doctoral studies. The curriculum includes the following key elements:

More detailed information

"This guide provides you with important information on preparing your and your family members’ entry to Austria and your arrival in Vienna. You will find useful information about settling in and living in Vienna, as well as tips on where to find help and links to institutions which can support you while getting established in Austria." (Jean-Robert Tyran, p.1)

International Office, University of Vienna, May 2020