Past public presentations

We are proud of our students and congratulate to their sucessful presentations! 

PhD student | Thesis title | Supervisor

25 March 2021, Online, 09:00 - 14:00 CET

  • Arnaud BEGAT: Mesozoic elasmobranch fish (sharks, skates, and rays) ecology and diversity patterns before extinction events.
    Supervisor: Jürgen Kriwet
  • Anna-Maria GSCHWANDNER: Remoteness and size as determinants of Lake Ecosystem stability (RemoLake).
    Supervisor: Robert Ptacnik
  • Angus S. HILTS: The Oxygen Gambit: How life risked the reactivity of oxygen for energetic gain.
    Supervisor: Filipa Sousa
  • Jiahang LI: Development of Systematic Mathematic Matlab-based Software for the Analysis of Environmental, Clinical and Translational Large-scale OMICS Datasets.
    Supervisor: Wolfram Weckwerth
  • Alena KIZENKO: Genomic and evolutionary stability behind animal regeneration.
    Supervisor: Oleg Simakov
  • Anastasiia PADALKO: Metabolic traits prediction and validation in Archaea.
    Supervisors: Filipa Sousa and Oleg Simakov
  • Susanne REIER: Genetic variation of small cyprinids in the karst area.
    Supervisor: Luise Kruckenhauser
  • Teresa Maria WINTER: Ecology of Zoothamnium assemblages on experimental shallow water wood falls.
    Supervisor: Monika Bright
  • Benjamin WÖLFL: Footprints of Polygenic Adaptation.
    Supervisor: Joachim Hermisson

11 December 2020, Online, 09:00 - 14:30 CET

  • Silvia BASANTA: Evolution of the cell-cell communication network at the fetal-maternal interface.
    Supervisor: Mihaela Pavlicev
  • Julian BIBERMAIR: Evolution of Phylactolaemate bryozoans.
    Supervisor: Thomas Schwaha
  • Sebastian H. DECKER:  Life cycle and systematics of boring bryozoans.
    Supervisor: Thomas Schwaha
  • Clara GROOT CREGO: Disentangling the evolutionary drivers of an adaptive radiation in Tillandsia.
    Supervisor: Ovidiu Paun
  • Christina HEDDERICH: The Sources of variation fuelling adaptive radiation after long- distance dispersal in New Caledonian persimmon (Diospyros).
    Supervisor: Ovidiu Paun
  • Paul KNABL: BMP signaling in the cnidarian germ line.
    Supervisor: Grigory Genikhovich
  • Karen KÖLZER: Authenticity of urban honey: Specific challenges for palynology and how diversification of methods can overcome them.
    Supervisor: Martina Weber
  • Raphael MÜLLER: Mechanisms of Peat Formation in Different Wetland Ecosystems.
    Supervisor: Stephan Glatzel
  • Alice RETTER: Groundwater microbial biodiversity along an alpine river catchment and its link to hydro-meteorological extremes.
    Supervisor: Christian Griebler
  • Maryam Alsadat ZEKRI: Water’s gateway to heaven 3D imaging and modeling of transient stomatal responses in plant leaves under dynamic environments.
    Supervisor: Ingeborg Lang