Past public presentations

We are proud of our students and congratulate to their sucessful presentations! 

PhD student | Thesis title | Supervisor

16 June 2023, Hybrid, 09:00 - 16:45 CET

  • Rym Nouioua: Birds, bats and related ecosystem services in a European land use context: linking conservation evidence, agricultural practices and socio-ecological perspectives        
    Supervisors: Bea Maas, Stefan Dullinger
  • Luigi SchillaciToxic or just a nuisance - How mosses cope with heavy metals
    Supervisor: Ingeborg Lang
  • Christian PrucknerMicrobial key players in cold-water coral restoration
    Supervisor: Elisabeth Haring
  • Daniel Mitic: Beyond single gene function: Neural circuit asymmetry as a complex trait
    Supervisor: Thomas Hummel
  • Aigerim Rymbekova: Reconstructing the genetic history of Central Eurasia 
    Supervisor: Martin Kuhlwilm
  • Val Karavaeva: Rings of life and where to find them: Evolution of tetrapyrroles
    Supervisor: Maria Filipa Baltazar de Lima de Sousa
  • Nicole Catherina Krause: Chromosome organization and segregation in multicellular longitudinally
    Supervisor: Silvia Bulgheresi
  • Sebastian Valerio AymerichDynamics of the Giant Ciliate Symbiosis: An Omics Study
    Supervisor: Monika Bright
  • Francesca Beclin: The evolutionary history of an aberrant chromosome of the genus Aquilegia
    Supervisor: Magnus Nordborg
  • Marilena Heitger: Shedding light on dark ocean’s detrital particles: origin, composition, and age
    Supervisor: Gerhard Herndl
  • Dmytro Spriahailo: Diversity and metabolic activity of bacteria in the sea-surface microlayer
    Supervisor: Gerhard Herndl

10 March 2023, Hybrid, 08:30 - 16:45 CET

  • Pablo Aycart LazoFunctional diversity and interactions of birds, bats and arthropods in tropical cacao agroforestry systems: linking biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service management           
    Supervisors: Bea Maas, Stefan Dullinger
  • Krystof ChytryTopography and related microclimate in alpine landscapes and how they shape vegetation’s response to climate change         
    Supervisor: Stefan Dullinger
  • Johannes HausharterThe role of micro-climate and micro-environment for population dynamics of alpine plants     
    Supervisor: Stefan Dullinger
  • Ekin KaplanTemporal Changes and underlying Drivers of the Richness and Composition of Europe’s Native and Non-Native Flora  
    Supervisors: Franz Essl, Stefan Dullinger
  • Jessica Carolina Gomes da SilvaMicrobial biotransformations in biogeochemical cycles
    Supervisor: Maria Filipa Baltazar de Lima de Sousa
  • Bushra IjazTargets of Ca2+-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs) in regulatory stress response network
    Supervisors: Andreas Bachmair, Markus Teige
  • Isha Joshi: Analysing the interrelation of the DNA damage and pathogen signaling pathways in plants 
    Supervisor: Peter Schlögelhofer
  • June Feliciano Ordonez: Neuronal cell type development in the chaetognath Spadella cephaloptera (Busch, 1851)
    Supervisor: Tim Wollesen
  • Savannah SchauflerSustainability Reset: Questions of Behavioral and Cultural Changes Revealed by COVID-19
    Supervisors: Harald Wilfing, Tatiana Konrad
  • Paul KlostermannA Bioarchaeological Study of Pubertal Timing in Human Remains
    Supervisors: Sabine Eggers, Mary Lewis (University of Reading, England)
  • Manuel StagglDrivers of Elasmobranch Diversity in Deep Time
    Supervisor: Jürgen Kriwet
  • Pratiksha AcharyaInfluence of resource and consumer diversity on the quality and microbial processing of fine particulate organic matter during leaf breakdown in streams
    Supervisors: Christian Griebler, Katrin Attermeyer
  • Stefano MariThe importance of dietary omega 3 fatty acids for development of cognitive skills in wild fishes through the lens of Tingbergen’s four
    Supervisors: Martin Kainz, Libor Zavorka

11 November 2022, Hybrid, 09:30 - 14:30 CET

  • Christian Geier: Flower-insect interactions in the Eocene to Oligocene of central Europe.          
    Supervisors: Fridgeir Grimsson
  • Jeannette Becker: Comparative analysis of respiratory health during the medieval period in Austria
    Supervisors: Sylvia Kirchengast
  • Oliver Link: The origin and evolution of striated muscle cells in Metazoa.
    Supervisor: Ulrich Technau
  • Teerna Saugata Khastgir: The drivers of the adaptive radiation of persimmons on New Caledonia, a biodiversity hotspot.
    Supervisor: Ovidiu Paun
  • Fariha Naz Apon: Functions of cell wall integrity sensors in plant stress responses.          
    Supervisors: Peter Schlöglhofer, Marie-Theres Hauser
  • Yovita Astuti Djohan: Defense mechanism of Pisum sativum towards Didymella pinodes infection with and without heat.
    Supervisors: Stefanie Wienkoop, Andreas Bachmair
  • Florian Danzinger: A safe operating space for agricultural landscapes: integrating green infrastructure, ecological restoration and stakeholder involvement.
    Supervisor: Stefan Dullinger, Thomas Wrbka
  • Sadia Sabrina Alam: The role of post-translational modifications in plant resilience.
    Supervisor: Andreas Bachmair, Markus Teige
  • Maximilian Dreer: Biofilm formation and transformation of Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea.
    Supervisor: Christa Schleper

09 June 2022, Hybrid,13:15 - 17:45

  • Nina KRAUS: Hemodynamic influences on heart morphogenesis of the developing chick outflow tract
    Supervisor: Brian METSCHER

  • Koto KON: Elucidating the role of transposable element activity in hydra regeneration
    Supervisor: Oleg SIMAKOV
  • Constanze Hedwig SCHATTKE: Witnesses of Violence? Combining Bioarchaeology and Provenance to research violence in the acquisition contexts of human remains in the Department of Anthropology, Natural History Museum Vienna from 1857 – 1935
    Supervisor: Sabine EGGERS (NHM Wien), Harald WILFING
  • Lukas DIRR: The Application of Citizen-Science and Crowd-Sourced Data in the Field of Aerobiology
    Fridgeir GRIMSSON
  • Daniel MARTINOVIC SAAVEDRA: The role of enzyme promiscuity on organic phosphorus cycling in the ocean
    Supervisor: Federico BALTAR
  • Giulia MANSO MARCHIORO: Functional diversity of coral fluorescent proteins in mesophotic reefs
    Supervisor: Luise KRUCKENHAUSER
  • Andreas GATTRINGER: Plant migration in silico - Methods for simulating plant dynamics in a warming world
    Supervisor: Stefan DULLINGER

  • Tom VORSTENBOSCH: Modelling the future of biological invasions in the sub-Antarctic under climate change
    Supervisor: Stefan DULLINGER
  • Ana Isabel MARTINEZ RICHART: Landscape connectivity in forests. A multi-taxa case study on stepping stones between the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness Area, and the Kalkalpen and Gesäuse National Parks, Austria
    Supervisor: Franz ESSL, Jana PETERMANN (Univ. Salzburg)

11 March 2022, Online, 10:00 - 12:00 CET

  • Ahmed M.M. HUSSEIN: Cognitive enhancement by targeting the dopaminergic system by DAT inhibitors on Spatial- dependent learning and memory in the Rats brain.          
    Supervisors: Christian STUDENIK and Francisco MONJE QUIROGA
  • Lisa ROURESSOL: Genomic novelty underlying symbiotic organ evolution in bobtail squids.
    Supervisors: Oleg SIMAKOV and Margaret McFALL-NGAI
  • Carlos Antonio PÉREZ RÍZQUEZ: Underlying mechanism(s) of the symbioprotein ferritin on legume root nodule formation and drought stress.
    Supervisor: Stefanie WIENKOOP
  • Norbert HELM: Linking the micro with the macroscale in alpine plant ecology.
    Supervisor: Stefan DULLINGER

10 December 2021, Online,10:30 - 13:30

  • Mildred Jessica JOHNSON: The life cycle and systematics of the boring ctenostome bryozoan families Immergentiidae and Spathiporidae
    Supervisor: Thomas Schwaha

  • Constantin KOPPER: Pantropical pollination syndromes and pollinator shifts in Melastomataceae
    Supervisor: Jürg Schönenberger
  • Thomas PRIBASNIG: Energy and carbon metabolism of Nitrososphaeria
    Supervisor: Christa Schleper
  • Barbara REISCHL: Physiological characteristics and biotechnological application potential of archaeal pure- and artificial co-cultures (closed to the public)
    Supervisor: Simon Rittmann
  • Marcel SEIFERT: Walk lt Like You Talk lt: Closing the Value-Action Gap in Climate Action with Experimental Evidence from a Climate Game and the Financial Advice Process
    Supervisor: Harald Wilfing
  • Tobias VIEHBÖCK: Compaction and organization of animal symbiont chromosomes
    Supervisor: Silvia Bulgheresi

10 June 2021, Online, 09:00 - 15:00 CET

  • Eva BREYER: OCEANIDES – "Oceanic fungal ecology and biogeochemistry".
    Supervisors: Federico Baltar Gonzáles and Gerhard J. Herndl
  • Leo CAPARI: Anatomy of challenge driven R&I: The cases of energy transition and demographic change          
    Supervisor: Harald Wilfing
  • Iris FISCHER: Ecological status of aquatic habitats in Vienna: critical comparison of classical monitoring and molecular genetic methods to assess species distribution and composition of the dragonfly fauna.
    Supervisor: Elisabeth Haring
  • Lena FRAGNER: Eco-metabolomics From Moderate to Tropical Climate - Molecular Insights to Colonization Strategies of Ecological Niches.
    Supervisors: Wolfram Weckwerth and Stefanie Wienkoop
  • Wan LI: The potential role of natural product Nordbergerin for immunomodulation in macrophages.
    Supervisor: Wolfram Weckwerth
  • Sanjay NARAYANASWAMY: Assessing senescence in the regenerative and long lived Nematostella vectensis.
    Supervisor: Ulrich Technau
  • Victoria OBERREITER: Mineralogical Preservation of the Human Biome from the Depth of Time.
    Supervisors:  Ron Pinhasi and Thomas Rattei
  • Hayk PALABIKYAN: Presentation closed to the public.
    Supervisor: Simon Rittmann
  • ŠIMKOVÁ Petra: Morphological variation and covariation in human postcanine dentition.
    Supervisor: Gerhard Weber
  • Randy TEAL: Floral resources and the movement of key pollinators along the biological corridor, COBIGA, in the fragmented tropical lowlands of Costa Rica.
    Supervisor: Jürg Schönenberger
  • Brina ZAGORC: Sex-specific variations in the health status of subadult Central European skeletal populations during Antiquity and Early Medieval times.
    Supervisor: Ron Pinhasi

25 March 2021, Online, 09:00 - 14:00 CET

  • Arnaud BEGAT: Mesozoic elasmobranch fish (sharks, skates, and rays) ecology and diversity patterns before extinction events.
    Supervisor: Jürgen Kriwet
  • Anna-Maria GSCHWANDNER: Remoteness and size as determinants of Lake Ecosystem stability (RemoLake).
    Supervisor: Robert Ptacnik
  • Angus S. HILTS: The Oxygen Gambit: How life risked the reactivity of oxygen for energetic gain.
    Supervisor: Filipa Sousa
  • Jiahang LI: Development of Systematic Mathematic Matlab-based Software for the Analysis of Environmental, Clinical and Translational Large-scale OMICS Datasets.
    Supervisor: Wolfram Weckwerth
  • Alena KIZENKO: Genomic and evolutionary stability behind animal regeneration.
    Supervisor: Oleg Simakov
  • Anastasiia PADALKO: Metabolic traits prediction and validation in Archaea.
    Supervisors: Filipa Sousa and Oleg Simakov
  • Susanne REIER: Genetic variation of small cyprinids in the karst area.
    Supervisor: Luise Kruckenhauser
  • Teresa Maria WINTER: Ecology of Zoothamnium assemblages on experimental shallow water wood falls.
    Supervisor: Monika Bright
  • Benjamin WÖLFL: Footprints of Polygenic Adaptation.
    Supervisor: Joachim Hermisson

11 December 2020, Online, 09:00 - 14:30 CET

  • Silvia BASANTA: Evolution of the cell-cell communication network at the fetal-maternal interface.
    Supervisor: Mihaela Pavlicev
  • Julian BIBERMAIR: Evolution of Phylactolaemate bryozoans.
    Supervisor: Thomas Schwaha
  • Sebastian H. DECKER:  Life cycle and systematics of boring bryozoans.
    Supervisor: Thomas Schwaha
  • Clara GROOT CREGO: Disentangling the evolutionary drivers of an adaptive radiation in Tillandsia.
    Supervisor: Ovidiu Paun
  • Christina HEDDERICH: The Sources of variation fuelling adaptive radiation after long- distance dispersal in New Caledonian persimmon (Diospyros).
    Supervisor: Ovidiu Paun
  • Paul KNABL: BMP signaling in the cnidarian germ line.
    Supervisor: Grigory Genikhovich
  • Karen KÖLZER: Authenticity of urban honey: Specific challenges for palynology and how diversification of methods can overcome them.
    Supervisor: Martina Weber
  • Raphael MÜLLER: Mechanisms of Peat Formation in Different Wetland Ecosystems.
    Supervisor: Stephan Glatzel
  • Alice RETTER: Groundwater microbial biodiversity along an alpine river catchment and its link to hydro-meteorological extremes.
    Supervisor: Christian Griebler
  • Maryam Alsadat ZEKRI: Water’s gateway to heaven 3D imaging and modeling of transient stomatal responses in plant leaves under dynamic environments.
    Supervisor: Ingeborg Lang