Public Presentation of the PhD thesis project

According to the Statutes, the topic of the doctoral thesis has to be approved by the Director of the Vienna Doctoral School of Ecology and Evolution within the first year.

The approval is based on the research proposal (exposé) and its public presentation. The research exposé shall be submitted to the Executive Manager one month prior to the announced date of the public presentation. The PhD thesis exposé will then be evaluated by three members of the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC), and upon approval by the TAC and the VDSEE Directorate, the PhD candidate will be admitted to present publically the PhD thesis topic at the faculty.

The public presentation serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, new doctoral candidates and their research topics are introduced to the faculty. Secondly, the presentation is supposed to offer all attendants a platform for exchange and feedback.

The public presentation is chaired by the Dircetor or Vice-Director of VDSEE and attended by the supervisor, members of the doctoral advisory committee (TAC) and members of the PI-Panel. They will provide feedback to the PhD graduate on the research project and evaluate whether the presented thesis project meets the scientific standards and further, if the presented PhD research can be realised successfully in a reasonable timeframe.

If thepresentation was successful, the topic and supervisor(s) get approved by the Director of the Vienna Doctoral School of Ecology adn Evolution after the presentation. If an individual PhD topic is not approved, the PhD graduate will have the possibility to recall the application, adapt his/her research proposal and reapply for the approval of his/her thesis topic at the next public presentation.


  • Thursday 7 October 2021, registration deadline Wednesday 25 August 2021

  • Thursday 9 December 2021, registration deadline Wednesday 27 October 2021

  • Thursday 10 March 2022, registration deadline Wednesday 26 January 2022

  • Thursday 9 June 2022, registration deadline Wednesday 27 April 2022

Please register by emailing required documents (Exposé and forms) to Isolde Prommer.

Registration for the public presentation

In order to register for the public presentation, the following documents need to be submitted to your Executive Manager. 

 Guidelines for Exposé

Please note that the exposé shall have an extent of 5 pages and shall not exceed 10 pages (European A4 size, 11 pt. font size, 1.5 lie spacing and minimum 2 cm margins, with 15,000 to 20,000 characters).

The research proposal/exposé has to include information as follows: 

  • description of the topic of the doctoral thesis project including a clear research question,
  • outline of the state of research,
  • illustration of the chosen research methods,
  • relevant literature,
  • choice of supervisor(s) and thesis advisory committee (TAC),
  • time and work schedule (e.g., Gantt chart),
  • overview of resources, financial budget and funding.

Remarks ad funding:

  • funding of the dissertaion project must be secured.
  • This is important particularly resp. consumables and lab costs. Therefore, estimation of costs and coverage of those costs have to be described in the Expose. This might also be an issue in third-party funded projects (in case only salary is covered) and is an issue for global budget funded PhDs.
  • The coverage of costs for consumables has to be approved by your Department Head / Faculty in advance.
  • Self-financed students are welcome, but the aim shall be that you may be able to work fulltime on your dissertation.

Remarks ad Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC):

  • has to be established latest at the Public Presentation at Faculty, and shall meet together with supervisor and PhD-student at least once a year.
  • Recommendation: PhD students shall think about TAC members already before FÖP, and if possible agree on it together with supervisor and shall name them in the Expose already.
  • TAC members will not be allowed assess the final dissertation, like the supervisor. TAC members can also act as co-mentors. They are not obliged having a habilitation, or being a Professor or having tenure track position. TAC members shall be well-experienced in the respective research area of your doctoral thesis topic, so that they can provide profound feedback during the process.

 Please Note

According to the Statutes, doctoral candidates have to pass the public presentation of their dissertation project within the first year after admission.

The research proposal and the presentation at the faculty are the requirements for the approval of the dissertation project and the conclusion of the doctoral thesis agreement.


Visit the public presentations! In doing so you can get a first impression of what will be expected from you. Additionally it is a great way to learn about current research projects at your Doctoral School.

The Center for Doctoral Studies offers regularly workshops on "Outline and Exposé writing". Registration for these workshops is possible via UNIVIS online. To the workshop offer of the Center for Doctoral Studies.




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