Vienna Doctoral School of Ecology and Evolution

The Vienna Doctoral School of Ecology and Evolution is devoted to educating students in advancing our knowledge on the ecology and evolution of extant and ancestral organisms, populations and communities. In Ecology, the ambition is to better understand the mechanistic and evolutionary drivers of patterns and processes from gene regulation to the structure and function of ecosystems and the impact of communities on the biogeochemical cycles and their adaptive capacity in response to environmental change. In Evolution, we address the evolutionary processes leading to changes in organization and temporal dynamics of organisms, populations and species at the molecular, developmental, morphological and physiological level.

"We welcome highly motivated PhD candidates, who share the enthusiasm and spirit of our Doctoral School to provide scientific answers to global challenges in ecology and evolution under changing environmental conditions. Our Doctoral School provides excellent conditions and an intellectual environment that allows realizing international competitive research."

Gerhard J. Herndl, Head of the Vienna Doctoral School Ecology and Evolution

Our Resarch Groups

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Natural History Museum Vienna


Diversity, Taxonomy and Systematics @ NHMW

Natural History Museum Vienna

Burgring 7, 1010 Vienna

WasserCluster Lunz


WasserCluster Lunz

Biologische Station GmbH

Dr. Carl Kupelwieser Promenade 5

3293 Lunz am See

Tropical Field Station La Gamba

Tropical Field Station La Gamba / La estacion tropical La Gamba

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The next presentations at the faculty will be held on Friday 11 March 2022.

Registration deadline: Thursday 27 January 2022, by e-mail to executive manager.

Location: UBB, HS-1




Scientists at the University of Vienna came up with a migration model for mountain plants. The surprising result: cold-adapted genotypes become more frequent, and heat-adapted ones less frequent.

Publication in Nature Climate Change: Wessely, J., Gattringer, A. (VDSEE PhD), Guillaume, F., Hülber, K. (VDSEE PI), Klonner, G., Moser, D. & Dullinger, S. (VDSEE PI):


VDS Ecology and Evolution PhD student JOHANNES HERPELL in FALTER.Morgen, 04.01.2022

Wie sieht die Welt in zehn Jahren aus? Wir haben fünf Personen unter 30 gebeten, sich auszumalen, wie es ihnen am Beginn des Jahres 2032 geht.


We are wishing you a wonderful and relaxed holiday break and all the best for 2022! Your VDSEE team


By analyzing ancient DNA a team of scientists with participation of Ron Pinhasi’s team of the University of Vienna was able to retrace the world’s oldest family tree.


Even regions that are located far apart are becoming increasingly similar in their floras. This is due to the spread of alien plant species, according to a study conducted with the participation of the University of Vienna.

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