Doctoral thesis agreement

Upon approval of the PhD thesis topic and supervisors at the public presentation (FÖP), a doctoral thesis agreement has to be signed by the PhD student and their supervisor(s).

The doctoral thesis agreement comprises the following points:
  • All participants' rights and obligations;
  • Extent of supervision: frequency and format of feedback meetings;
  • Thesis Advisory Committee: names and affiliations;
  • Requirements that have to be fulfilled/ECTS: List of courses/lectures, conferences, and transferable skills;
  • Agreement on number of peer-reviewed publications for cumulative dissertation and number of students that need to be supervised

The doctoral thesis agreement is the legal framework for the PhD-project. Changes to it can be made once per year in the annual report. 

After the FÖP the Executive Manager offers an info session on how to set up the thesis agreement. FÖP-participants will receive an invitation.