Curriculum, ECTS

In accordance with their supervisor, PhD students can choose one of the following four doctoral research field:

Fieldacademic titleECTS requiredCurriculum
(794 685 437)

Doctoral Programme in the  Natural Sciences and of the PhD Programme in the Natural Sciences in the field of Life Sciences

Molecular Biology
(794 685 490)
Environmental Sciences
(796 605 299)
Dr.rer.nat.12Doctoral Programme in Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences in the field of Natural Sciences
Geosciences/Earth Sciences (796 605 426)Dr.rer.nat.24

How to get ECTS :

  • Lectures and seminars from the course directory
  • Seminar series/journal clubs from your working group
  • Oral/poster presentations at conferences; summer/winter school participation (online or in person):
    • Please email certificate of attendance and abstract booklet to Only pdf-format can be accepted. 
    • ECTS are determined by the DSPL, usually 2 ECTS for poster, 3-4 ECTS for presentations depending on duration of conference; Please note: If you are affiliated with multiple institutions, the University of Vienna must be mentioned as one of the affiliations in the abstract. There are no ECTS, if the University of Vienna is not listed as affiliation!
    • You can only get ECTS for conferences that you've attended after your FÖP
    • After you’ve reached 30/24/12 ECTS (depending on field of study), there’s no need to hand in documents to me anymore; conferences will not be named explicitly in your degree certificate
  • Transferrable skills workshops (in agreement with your supervisor)
  • Become a VDSEE student representative (4 ECTS for two-year period)
  • Join the VDSEE retreat
  • Join the VDSEE Symposium