• Groundwater ecology & carbon cycling
  • Greenhouse gases & climate change
  • Benthic communities & bioindication
  • Biodiversity & fish ecology
  • Food web ecology, ecotoxicology & trophic tracers
  • Aquatic Biodiversity & plankton ecology
  • WasserCluster Lunz
    Biologische Station GmbH
    Dr. Carl Kupelwieser Promenade 5
    3293 Lunz am See


Christian Griebler


Research Areas: Groundwater Ecology

PhD Students:

  • Constanze Englisch
  • John Lester Viscara Pide
  • Acharya Pratiksha
  • Alice Retter
  • Filip-Paul Boanca 
  • Sonja Hoxha 

Katrin Attermeyer

Research Areas: Carbon cycling and freshwater microbial ecology

PhD Student:

  • Pratiksha Acharya

Stephan Glatzel

Research Areas: Wetland Ecology and Management

PhD Students:

  • Pamela Alessandra Baur
  • Raphael Müller

Martin Kainz

Research Areas: Food web ecology, ecotoxicology, trophic tracers

PhD Students:

  • Nadine Ebm
  • Francine Mathieu
  • Stefano Mari 

Hubert Keckeis

Research Areas: River and fish ecology

PhD Student:

  • Stefano Mari 

Robert Ptacnik

Research Areas: Aquatic Biodiversity, plankton ecology; lecturer in multivariate statistics

PhD Students:

  • Anna-Maria Sabine Gschwandner
  • Marina Ivankovic

Johann Waringer

Research Areas: Freshwater benthic communities and macrozoobenthos taxonomy