This reserach cluster focuses on topics around the distribution and diversity of organisms in geographical space under past, present and future changes of the environment including climate change, land use change and biological invasions.


Photo: rossboth

Stefan Dullinger


Research Areas: Global Change, Biogeography and Biodiversity

PhD Students:

  • Pablo Aycart Lazo
  • Florian Danzinger
  • Andreas Gattringer
  • Michael Glaser
  • Johannes Hausharter
  • Norbert Helm
  • Chytrý Kryštof
  • Sonia Rashid
  • Parvin Safiyan Böldaji
  • Tom Vorstenbosch

© Ursula Gerber

Franz Essl


Research Areas: Bioinvasions, Global Change and Macroecology

PhD Students:

  • Michael Glaser
  • Ekin Kaplan
  • Ana Isabel Martinez Richart
  • Janine Oettel
  • Clemens Pachschwöll
  • Anna Schertler

Karl Hülber

Research Areas: Plant Marcoecology

© Leyla SEYFULLAH | University of Vienna, Vienna

Leyla J. Seyfullah

Research areas: Plant evolution, palaeobotany

Thomas Wrbka

Research Areas: Ecosystem Research; Nature Conservation; Geoecology; Biodiversity Research; Agroecology, Nature and Landscape Conservation; Botany, Vegetation Science, Plant Ecology; Geoinformatics

PhD Student:

  • Florian Danzinger

Martin Zuschin

Research Areas: Conservation Paleobiology and Historical Ecology

PhD Students:

  • Michaela Berensmeier
  • Alexandra Haselmair
  • Angelina Ivkic
  • Bianca Lintner
  • Petra Lukeneder