• Animal EvoDevo
  • Metazoan Functional and Evolutionary Morphology
  • Invertebrate Phylogeny
  • Invertebrate Sensory Systems and Neurobiology
  • Evolutionary Morphology: interface between palaeobiology and evolutionary developmental biology of vertebrates.
    For this we integrate living and fossil organisms, knowledge of their evolutionary relationships, past diversity patterns, and developmental biology, to provide a holistic understanding of their evolutionary history.
  • NHM main research areas and methodological approaches ares:
    • Biological systematics / integrative taxonomy / phylogenetics / phylogenomic
    • Molecular genetic analyses / phylogeography / population genetics / species delimitation
    • Molecular methods applied to conservation and biodiversity research
    • Collection-based research / comparative morphology
    • Co-evolution and symbiosis


Andreas Wanninger


Research Areas: Animal morphology, development and evolutio; Lophotrochozoan, MorphoEvoDevo,  Marine invertebrates group

PhD Student:

  • Margret Eckhard

Jürgen Kriwet


PhD Students:

  • Arnaud Begat
  • Carlos Fernando De Gracia
  • Patrick Leopold Jambura
  • Claudia Klimpfinger
  • Julia Türtscher
  • Manuel Andreas Staggl

Pedro Frade

Research Areas: Corals and coral reef science; coral biology, ecology and evolution; integrated systematics, phylogenetics and phylogenomics; biodiversity, symbiosis, microbial ecology and host-associated microbes; invertebrate zoology

PhD Student:

  • Giulia Manso Marchioro

Elisabeth Haring

Research areas: Phylogenetics, molecular systematics, evolutionary genetics, biodiversity

PhD Students:

  • Willy De Mattia
  • Iris Romana Fischer
  • Katharina Mason
  • Christian Pruckner

Harald W. Krenn

Research Areas: Terrestrial arthropods group, insect functional morphology

PhD Student:

  • Katharina Florentine Wechselberger

Luise Kruckenhauser

Research Areas: Population and conservation genetics, species delimitation, molecular systematics, phylogeography, biodiversity, genetic monitoring, evolution of cave fish, DNA barcoding of molluscs

PhD Students:

  • Giulia Manso Marchioro
  • Susanne Reier

Anja Palandačić

Research Areas: Population and conservation genetics, species delimitation, molecular systematics & taxonomy, phylogeography, biodiversity, historic & ancient DNA analysis

PhD Student:

  • Susanne Reier

Thomas Schwaha

Research Areas: Animal Morphology and Evolution

PhD Students:

  • Julian Bibermair
  • Sebastian Hellmuth Decker
  • Mildred Jessica Johnson

Gerhard Steiner

Research Areas: Invertebrate phylogenetics and evolution

PhD Students:

  • Sophie Greistorfer
  • Willy De Mattia

PhD Student:

  • Cristian Barrera
  • June Feliciano Fronda Ordonez
  • Alice Frisinghelli

Frank Zachos

Research Areas: Biodiversity, Phylogeography, Population/Conservation genetics of mammals and birds, Species concepts, Theoretical foundations of taxonomy, History and Philosophy of Biology

PhD Students:

  • Katharina Stefke