Our overarching research goals are to reveal patterns of plant diversity at various levels and to understand the ecological, evolutionary, and molecular mechanisms underlying this diversity. To this end, we use a broad conceptual basis and apply methodologies rooted in evolutionary and ecological genomics, phylogenetics, biogeography, cytogenetics, comparative morphology, and the study of plant-animal interactions. Combining these approaches enables us to tackle some of the currently most pressing questions concerning the origin, loss, and maintenance of plant diversity at all relevant spatial, temporal, and taxonomic scales.


Jürg Schönenberger


Research Areas: Diversity and Evolutionary Biology of Flowers

PhD Students:

  • Florian Etl
  • Anna-Sophie Hawranek
  • Xieting Wu 
  • Constantin Kopper

Andreas Bachmair

Research Areas: Protein modification in plants, Plant stress responses, Plant molecular biology

PhD Student:

  • Sadia Sabrina Alam
  • Bushra Ijaz 
  • Yovita Astuti Djohan

Agnes Dellinger

Research Areas: pollination ecology, pollen analysis, floral biology, geometric morphometrics, plant morphology and ecology

PhD Student:

  • Constantin Kopper
  • Benjamin Seth Lazarus
  • Johan Esteban Urrea Cardenas

Friðgeir Grímsson

Research Areas: Paleobotany, paleoecology, palynology and plant-animal interactions

PhD Student:

  • Lukas Dirr
  • Christian Geier

Michael Kiehn

Research Areas: Angiosperm Karyosystematics, Phylogeography and Speciation; International Conventions and Plant Conservation

PhD Student:

  • Martin Rose

Ovidiu Paun

Research Areas: Plant Ecological Genomics

PhD Students:

  • Clara Adriana Groot Crego
  • Teerna Saugata Khastgir
  • Amin Ghane 

Gerald M. Schneeweiss

Research Areas: Plant Systematics and Evolution

PhD Students:

  • Johannes Maximilian Braunisch
  • Dennis Jonas Larsson
  • Clemens Pachschwöll
  • Thorsten Arno Englisch 

Hanna Schneeweiss

Research Areas: Plant genome evolution: polyploidy, repetitive DNA evolution in plant genomes, chromosomal rearrangements and their contribution to speciation, genome size evolution

PhD Student:

  • Vildana Kapetanovic
  • Rosemarie Benthen

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Leyla J. Seyfullah

Research areas: Plant evolution, palaeobotany

Martina Weber, emer.

Research Areas: Palynolog; Forensic Palynology; Palynology and Ulltrastructure Research

PhD Student:

  • Karen Kölzer