Research Areas

Our overarching research goals are to reveal patterns of plant diversity at various levels and to understand the ecological, evolutionary, and molecular mechanisms underlying this diversity. To this end, we use a broad conceptual basis and apply methodologies rooted in evolutionary and ecological genomics, phylogenetics, biogeography, cytogenetics, comparative morphology, and the study of plant-animal interactions. Combining these approaches enables us to tackle some of the currently most pressing questions concerning the origin, loss, and maintenance of plant diversity at all relevant spatial, temporal, and taxonomic scales.


Jürg Schönenberger


Research Areas: Diversity and Evolutionary Biology of Flowers

Josef Greimler

Research Areas:

Michael Kiehn

Core Facility Botanical Garden

Research Areas: Angiosperm Karyosystematics, Phylogeography and Speciation; International Conventions and Plant Conservation

Ovidiu Paun

Research Areas: Plant Ecological Genomics

Gerald M. Schneeweiss

Research Areas: Plant Systematics and Evolution

Hanna Schneeweiss

Research Areas: Plant Evolutionary Cytogenetics

Martina Weber

Research Areas: Palynology