This research cluster focuses on the ecology of marine organisms from the individual organism level to communities and on their interactions with the environment. Our main research areas are:

  • plankton ecology & benthic ecology
  • invasive species & biodiversity
  • symbiosis
  • microbial oceanography & marine biogeochemistry

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Gerhard J. Herndl


Research Areas: Biological Oceanography, Marine Biogeochemistry, Marine environmental change

PhD Students:

  • Mili Shah
  • Marilena Heitger
  • Dmytro Spriahailo 
  • Eva Breyer
  • Guillem Coll García

Federico Baltar

Research Areas: Biological Oceanography and Marine Biogeochemistry; the role of microbes on marine elemental cycles in surface & deep waters; the influence of mesoscale features on microbial functioning and diversity; the anthropogenic impact on marine microbes and organic matter cycling.

PhD Students:

  • Daniel Martinovic Saavedra
  • Eva Breyer

Monika Bright

Research Areas: Marine Biology, Microbial/Eukaryote Mutualism, Zoology

PhD Students:

  • Teresa Maria Rosa Winter
  • Sebastian Valerio Aymerich

Pedro Frade

Research Areas: Corals and coral reef science; coral biology, ecology and evolution; integrated systematics, phylogenetics and phylogenomics; biodiversity, symbiosis, microbial ecology and host-associated microbes; invertebrate zoology

Doris Nagel

Research Areas:

Petra Heinz

Research Areas: Paleoecosystems and marine Micropaleontology

PhD Students:

  • Murtaza Kulaksiz
  • Tina Palme

Martin Zuschin

Research Areas: Conservation Paleobiology and Historical Ecology

PhD Students:

  • Michaela Berensmeier
  • Alexandra Haselmair
  • Angelina Ivkic
  • Isabella Leonhard
  • Petra Lukeneder

Thomas Reinthaler

Research Areas: Marine Microbial Biogeochemistry

PhD Students:

  • Dmytro Spriahailo