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PhD graduates are required to

Joint VDSEE Seminar Series

550001 SE Seminar in Ecology and Evolution I (2021W)

Last possible date to register for the VDSEE seminar series on 23.09.2021 until 18:00.

Registering to the seminar series will grant you 2 ECTS points and the opportunity to attend round tables with the speakers. However, students who don't register can still attend the seminars. Here is the line up for this semesters' seminar (titles of the talks still to be announced):

11.10.2021     -     Pierre Legendre, University of Montreal (Ecological mathematics)
25.10.2021     -     Jean-Pierre De Vera, German Aerospace Center (Astrobiology)
08.11.2021       -     Sabine Gollner, Royal Netherlands Inst. for Sea Research (Marine biology)
22.11.2021     -     Laura Hug, University of Waterloo (Microbial metagenomics)
06.12.2021       -     Oleg Simakov, University of Vienna (Genome architecture evolution)
10.01.2022     -     Joana Meier, University of Cambridge (Speciation genomics)
24.01.2022     -     Silvia Bulgheresi, University of Vienna (Environmental cell biology)

The first seminar, given by Pierre Legendre, will be titled "Temporal beta diversity: identify sites where species communities have changed in exceptional ways". The announcement for it is attached in this e-mail.

The seminar series will be available online on zoom, but we will also live stream them at UBB in the lecture hall HS-1 to provide some opportunity for students to meet.

Contact Michael Glaser to receive a zoom invitation, and/or if you want to take part in a roundtable discussion with the speaker.

Organised by your VDSEE student representatives, Clara Groot Crego, Michael Glaser, Johannes Herpell and Teresa Winter

Lecture by Pierre Legendre, University of Montreal on 11.10.2021

Lecture by Jean-Pierre De Vera, German Aerospace Center (Astrobiology) on 25.10.2021